What the heck was this????

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I honesty don't know what to make of this book (or the series) its a poor written fairy version of Twilight except the heroine is the inhuman being. Apparently in this fantasy world the fairies flowers-like fairies.






Okay . . . .


That was a little weird but it was new and I can get used to new.


Well anyway . . .


This story goes all over the place. The protagonist is given a poor character. Her human love interest is no better either and the fairy boy to complete her love triangle is just there for Laurel to have a difficult time choosing between two boys from her two different worlds.


Hmm . . . sound familiar?


Also, who is(are) the villain(s)? The trolls? Really? What was their goal again? Cuz I don't even remember what they were after. It had something to do with a fairy gate or something like that. I don't remember and I don't really care. All I know is that it seemed a little more focused on the heroine and her relationships.


I know that sometimes if a book is just about the relationship then it can get annoying but for me that wouldn't matter if the relationship that was given between two interesting characters in an interesting story. And that is not what this is. There are just bland characters with little to no personality and to me seemed completely dull.


And where is the character development? I don't see any progression with these characters at all. A good character goes through a certain journey and develops because of it (for better of for worse). I don't mean a physical change like in Twilight, I mean a mental or emotional change which can make them them weaker or stronger. Look at Harry Potter. He grows, matures, and develops. Granted he makes mistakes but he grew as a character. Look at Light Yagami from the manga Death Note, he changes because of the journey he has been through.


Not only is there NO progression of these characters at all but nothing in these books are interesting. It's just a bore. The main character is boring, her two love interests are boring, the villains are boring, the plot is boring, even the fairy world setting which could have been cool is boring. This book, plus it's sequels, is a snore fest.


The thing with this book series is that they are dull and predictable. We already know what the characters are going to do. We already know the result of the climax. We already know who the main character is going to be with. We already know the ending of this series. We already know the message that the books send. Must I say more?


The only thing I did find cool was the ranks and differences between the seasonal fairies. The winter fairies are the strongest, with the fall fairies after, and the summer fairies, and then the spring fairies. But that was it. The fairy world was ok, just ok.


For an idea that seemed pretty decent. It didn't feel like there was a lot of creativity into this. The fairy culture and world was interesting but it wasn't explored enough because the story just focused on the stupid heroine's relationships that weren't even that interesting to begin with.


Yeah, this book was bad guys. Pretty bad.