What brought Teenagers into the Vampire Genre

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When the first Twilight book came out my sister read it, thought it was okay and suggested it to me. I read it, didn't find it interesting and moved on. You read the books, you've seen the movies, so now we're going to talk about them. (actually I'm going to be ranting while you read my review mwa ha ha ha ha! :P)


I'm probably going to be one of the very few who hates the books but still manages to find the good stuff. So . . . . . . .


Ok, before I go into detail about what I hate about the books let's talk about the good stuff. (Even though there aren't that many)


The idea behind the books was a decent idea. By idea, I mean the story. I know that some people hate the idea of having a vampire (or vampires) being a non-'blood-sucking monsters' and try to live peacefully among humans. For me, I just glanced over this fact because this is a small detail and isn't the only reason to hate the books. I thought it was interesting for a vampire story. I talked with my mother and a couple of older women who liked the books and they said this:


"It is so nice to finally see a vampire who is not a monster but a person who doesn't want to be a monster." (It wasn't exactly in these words but close enough)


*me thinking* Well, ok, but aren't vampires supposed to be blood suckers? I mean, they have to do that in order to survive right? I don't know what the big deal is. This idea of the Twilight vampires trying to live peacefully because they don't want to be monsters is nothing new. We've seen this story before.


Oh, and that leads me to another point that most Twilight-haters seem to hate about the vampires in the books. Vampires don't sparkle. I think it’s really stupid but I could care less because there are some bigger problems with these books.


What should have been done was this: make the vampires die in the sunlight. That would allow more drama and would bring much more tension into the relationship. If Bella had to only see her vampire boyfriend during the night, it would allow good drama and growth for the relationship because this would lead to creative ideas about Bella and Edward trying to get their relationship to work even though they can only see each other at night.


But you could make the argument that this situation would only cause Bella to sneak out of the house just to see her boyfriend and that would cause a lot of uproar. And I would be lying if I said I didn't see that.


There is also the different powers that they have, which I had to admit was pretty cool, but it made the vampires too perfect. Weren't there limits to what they can do with their powers? (Alice obviously had limitations because she only saw the future when it was convenient for the plot) But I guess there was a slight balance when the werewolves were added to create other powerful creatures but guess what? They don't get any special powers at all. They just transform and that's it. (Which was totally disappointing)


Another thing I thought would have been cool but was a little disappointed about was the Volturi. The way they were built up was making these characters sound cool and awesome. But they are forgettable did nothing impressive.


When I finally saw them in the story I was like . . . WHAT?????? THAT'S IT???? Well, that was lame. Yeah they did kill people but they are the most boring villains I ever read in YA novels so far. Not that the other villains were that good but COME ON!!!! This is a GREAT opportunity to get some really cool villains in here but they are pitiful. Why? Because I don't remember one thing about these guys. I thought their powers were pretty cool but they don't do much. I mean the vampire society was pretty cool but they are just so boring. Their powers are not shown much so they become boring. What they say is boring. What they do is boring. These characters are just boring for villains.


If they don't use their powers much because they didn't feel like it or something, that's fine. But can’t they at least be more interesting? I know they're evil but I'm sorry, I find Disney villains more memorable than the Volturi. If I can't even remember their names, let alone their powers, then that's not a good sign. Like I said, I don't remember a thing about these guys.



Wait a minute . . . didn't I say I'd be talking about the good stuff?


Right then. Let me just talk about what I did like about the book(s). Well, I'll go back to my first point. The idea. When I saw Edward's struggle, I thought it would be good to see Edward's inner struggle with his blood thirst and love for Bella but I was also terrified and I didn't like the relationship between the two. But I like the idea the author was trying to get across, or what I thought it was trying to get across. I really like the idea of the 'one who tames the beast' idea. If there would be more detail, or better detail, on how Bella would somehow calm Edward into not wanting her blood then I would find that doable. But nope, that is not at all what this is. It’s just Bella following Edward around while he just tosses her around as he pleases. Now moving on to our villain.


James is a horrible villain, the plot goes from the developing of the relationship to Bella needing to be rescued by a boring villain. The story should have done one of two things: either build up the villain earlier in the story and make him more interesting, or keep out the villain and just focus on the development of the relationship. That would have been good. That would have been going in the right direction. But this is what I would have liked to see/read instead of accepting what is actually there.


Most people hate the characters and yeah they should. But to be fair, the only characters that actually seemed like, oh I don't know, CHARACTERS are a few people.


Charlie was pretty decent, the only thing that bothered me was when he finds out about vampires and werewolves and he doesn't react a whole lot. Which is the opposite of how a normal person should act! He just says he doesn't want to know anymore then moves on. WHAT? Why? You're the parent! Why aren't you asking questions? He just lets it go???? Just like that? *shakes head* Ok then. Moving on.


Alice was ok. Except she only saw the future when it was convenient for the plot. She had the most interesting personality out of all the Cullens.


Jacob seem like the only decent character except that he's the other idiot that's in love with Bella. (Given that the first idiot is Edward) He appears to be a little smarter than Edward and supports the decisions of those he cares about even though he might not agree with them. I felt bad for him because as soon as he began a relationship with Bella I was thinking "Oh, here's a guy who is just going to be used as a replacement for Edward because, let's face it guys, we all know that Bella is going to choose Edward." I don't know why people wanted him with Bella, the poor idiot fell in love with a man-dependent manipulator like her. I was shaking my head thinking 'Run away, idiot! Run!' Poor sucker. As for the other characters, I don’t much care for them and found them completely forgettable.


One of the major things I hate about these poor books is the unhealthy relationship that the two main characters have. The way Edward treats Bella makes me grit my teeth and is insulting not just to me but to women in general. He's controlling, abusive, and a stalker. I fail to see how people find this acceptable. It just . . . doesn't make any sense to me! This is a wish-fulfillment right? And because of that, I don't want to find a character that we are suppose to love and support to be with this loser. This is just horrible and practically SCREAMS signs of an abusive relationship. The fact that this main character sees her boyfriend as her whole world and dwells on no one but him and doesn't give a second thought about her friends and family, even though they worry and care about her, is just awful and makes the relationship seem unhealthy.


And even though Bella is dumb enough to get herself killed it's still insulting to see that she has to depend on him constantly! I also don't get when Edward leaves her because he thinks he's "protecting" her. (Does this idiot not realize that this girl has been a danger magnet before he met her?) This was just to have a stupid love triangle (that is not needed) because we all know that these two idiots are going to get together in the end. What I also can't STAND is when girls try to persuade me that a guy watching a girl sleep BEFORE SHE KNOWS HIM is romantic. That is very repulsive and what made me so ANGRY was that someone tried to persuade me by saying this: "It's like a protector watching over you. Think about how your parents watched you when you slept when you were little."


My mind was screaming HOLD IT! HOLD IT! HOLD IT!!!!!!!!!! There are so many things wrong with this picture that I have to stop and make bullet points. Ok,


• first of all, parents raising their children have nothing to do with stalkers, people you don't even know that well, watching you when you sleep


• second, my parents NEVER watched me while I slept (not even when I was a little kid) because they were sleeping at the same time I was


Because taking care of a baby is exhausting, when they sleep, you sleep. Babies don't sleep all night for 24 hrs. My mother would know, she told me and she raised THREE babies at the same time!


• third, if Edward wanted to protect her why would he watch her sleep? What is he going to protect her from? Her nightmares? Also, he enters into her home THROUGH HER WINDOW AND WITHOUT HER PERMISSION!!!!!! I would have called the cops in a heartbeat and put a restraining order on the creep! If you want him to protect her, that's fine. But could you find a better way of telling it?


And that leads me to another point. The heroine.


I was watching Nostalgia Critic not too long ago and he mentioned Bella’s horrible character and I quote “This heroine has to be the most selfish, man-dependent, uncaring, manipulative, self-centered, idiotic, whiny little girl I have ever read about!!!!!


Honestly, that wouldn't be too bad of a character, that would be an interesting character to read IF SHE WAS WRITTEN LIKE THAT INTENTIONALLY! But she isn't, she is suppose to represent the everyday teenage girl that the readers are suppose to identify with and relate to."


So true. Bella is such a boring and horrible character that I don't even know where to start with her. She is completely stupid. I'm talking about the parts where Bella does life threatening activities because she has hallucinations of Edward. SHE RIDES ON MOTORCYCLES AND JUMPS OFF CLIFFS JUST SO HE CAN NOTICE HER!


Girl, YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!


So teens, if your boyfriend dumps you, do exactly this. I'm pretty sure it won't backfire in the slightest. You could DIE but I'm sure that will teach your boyfriend a lesson. Could you imagine if she did die? "Well, way to go moron! Bet ya can't freakin do it again!"


And now my hatred shall move on from the horrible Bella to creepy Edward.


I just hate this guy. Edward is a vampire that has lived for a hundred years (this is just an estimation) and not grown a personality. Which makes sense because he falls in love with little-to-no personality Bella. Edward is just a jerk!!! He stalks Bella, doesn't treat her very well, and even wrecks her truck so she won't see her friend Jacob. How many times does Bella have to prove to this idiot that she loves him? Especially when she finds out that he's going to get himself killed because he thinks that she's dead, and you know what she does? SHE LEAVES JACOB AND HER FATHER TO GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND LET HIM KNOW THAT SHE'S STILL ALIVE TO SAVE HIS ASS! She went to another country to save him! And another thing, he says he is very protective of her.


Ok, but why act all creepy and stalkerish? Why does he feel protective over her? Did he somehow decide her as his future mate and wants nothing to happen to her? If so, how did he know that she was the one? Come on, I need more than 'she smells good.' Did Alice sort of tell him because she can see the future? If this was mentioned in the book, I don't remember and I apologize.


These books are just wish-fulfillment. Unfortunately, that is what is marketable in today's society. That's why Bella never does anything and has to be rescued all the time. She is basically a skin for young teenage girls to wear that allows them to enter a fantasy world for them to attract hot males and for men to solve all their problems.


What is even worse is when the heroine becomes pregnant, (which pops the hell out of nowhere) and actually grows as a character because she takes responsibility and decides to do what she thinks is best for her baby and sacrifice her life for it, and NOBODY SUPPORTS HER. It also doesn't help when Edward is thinking of getting rid of the "ABOMINATION" (a child that he created with her, mind you) and then he wants to kill it.


Seriously? You are going to bring an issue of abortion into the fourth book? Really? That wouldn't be too bad if it was handled well, you know, the couple talks about the issue and treat it like adults right?


NO!!!!!!!! That is NOT what happens. Edward acts like a little child and even considers his wife, HIS OWN SPOUSE MIND YOU!!!!!!!!, to sleep with Jacob so she can be a mother. Not only that, but he also treats her like crap and acts like it’s her fault. What’s up with that? I was just shocked and disgusted that I threw the book across the room and wanted to use the book for fuel for the fireplace.




This pissed me off so much that I can't form words to describe my feelings for this. Here in these books is a BIG issue that is still being debated to this day and the book treats it like a joke. If you are going to bring a HUGE issue like abortion into books then know what you are talking about. And if you are going to do that then DON'T put it in a vampire book. Yes, the pregnancy might kill her and if Edward disagrees with her about keeping it then we should have a BIG discussion between two adults. Right?


We have our heroine doing something that she believes is right (which I admit I like that's she's growing as a character) and we're supposedly supposed to support her right? That's fine; if a woman decides to risk her life for her baby even though she might die because it is what she feels is right, then I'm all for it. What I'm NOT for is how the whole book goes against her in her decision. EVEN IN THE MOVIES!!!! No one except the blonde vampire is on her side supporting her. Until, that is, they find out that there IS a way to save her and the baby. NOW EVERYONE supports her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And the most stupid thing about this scenario is that they treat this situation as if it's the first time its ever happened. Um, guys . . . I'm pretty sure Bella and Edward weren't the first human/vampire couple in history to have sex and create a child.)


And you know the rest, the birth, the transformation, the buildup to an absolutely NONEXISTENT battle. (Well technically, it was a mental battle of their mental powers or something like that) I think that the ending should have went like this: IF deciding to impregnate her then leave her as a human and let her die because it would have allowed Edward to accept his daughter and raise her, telling her about her mother who was a human that accepted and loved a vampire for what he was. That would have been fantastic. That would have been a more powerful ending. I could have enjoyed that. But it wouldn't be a happy ending and everyone would have been pissed. Oh well.


There's also the weird imprinting that Jacob has on Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee. (Which is an weird name by the way) Yeah, um . . . . . . . . what? According to the Twilight fans, imprinting means that a werewolf marks someone as his mate and then that would make Jacob a pedophile wolf? I don't even exactly know what this imprinting is. It's made up, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it sounds stupid, and it wasn't explained very well.


But then when Bella finds out she throws a hissy fit because Jacob loves her daughter and not her. Oh please, you have Edward. Why should you care about Jacob's feelings? You can't have them both, you are married to Edward. MOVE THE HELL ON! (even though it is a bit odd and disgusting that Jacob sees this little girl as his future partner) But THEN Bella throws ANOTHER fit when she finds out that Jacob named her daughter Nessie, which is a nickname after the Loch Ness Monster. Yeah well . . .  It's not like the name you gave your daughter was any better. *sighs* Oy vey.


Remember how I ranted on how the heroine was a terrible character? I know that people mentioned that she's a horrible role model and that many teenage girls want to follow her. Well, that may be true but I honestly think that teenage girls are smarter than society gives them credit for. Yes, Twilight's dumb. Yes, it’s popular even though it’s not that good but you know what? These books are just entertainment (granted, it’s STUPID entertainment) and nothing more. Teenagers know that and they take it for what it is, whether it be good or bad. Most teenagers are not dumb enough to do stupid things like jump off cliffs or do life threatening activities because the person they were dating left them.




Because we move on. If someone breaks our heart, we get up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward. Is it hard to move on? Definitely. Is it easy to forget about someone you cared about who broke up with you? Of course not. But people are adaptable and grow up. Especially teenagers. Yes, teenagers make mistakes and do stupid things. Yes, teenagers sometimes think they know better and don't want to listen but they eventually grow out of that stage. Teenagers (as well as people of all ages) learn, adapt, improvise, and overcome. They're smart, they have goals, they try to find what they want out of life and work to achieve it. When we go to school, work, or anywhere else where life takes us, reality hits us in the face pretty hard and we realize that the fantasy worlds that we want to be in don't exist. But we learn, grow up, and move on. Yes, it's hard. Yes, sometimes we might be so overwhelmed that we just want to quit. Yes, bad things happen in life. So yeah, Bella is a horrible model and Twilight doesn't have good messages but it's just stupid entertainment and the vampire stage is done and over with (at least where I live) and won’t stick around for a long time, unlike Harry Potter, which is GOOD.


I don't think that Twilight itself is what makes people angry but its people’s reactions to it that bothers them the most. Especially how the openings and premiers and advertisements were EVERYWHERE and BIG. I mean the fans and media made it a big hit and portrayed it as good.


And we wonder what that says about us as a society.


Any who . . . . . . .


This is just a fantasy world for teenager's to put the heroine's skin on and just be swooned over by hot guys. This is a poor excuse for readers like me who want good stories, with good messages, with interesting characters, and an awesome villain. Sorry about that long rant, that's just how I felt.

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