James Bond Manga Style!!! Or is it?

Golgo 13, Vol. 1: Supergun (Golgo 13) - Takao Saito

Golgo 13. What to say about this manga . . . Well, it was okay at best. It wasn’t horrible or anything like that but it wasn’t interesting enough for me to be to want to finish this manga series.


In a nutshell, this is basically James Bond but manga style. The main character is mysterious, a powerful assassin, a ladies man, and a kickass strategist. There’s not much to this guy really. He’s badass and there’s little known about him . . . and that’s about it.


The other characters, they’re not interesting either. I’m not sure you can even all them characters really. They just appear, serve their purpose and that’s it. So as you can see, the character cast is very tiny.


There’s not much to the story either. It’s just the main character taking jobs while also having this mysterious past that no one seems to know. But I do admit that he’s very creative and resourceful on how he gets his job done. Just looking at the strategies he uses is always fun and I do enjoy those parts. The other scenes, not so much.


I can’t find anything else to say about it. It wasn’t bad, you either find it enjoyable or you don’t. For me, I just didn’t find it that interesting.