My first manga series part 3

Digimon Tamers, Vol. 1 - A. Hondo Digimon Tamers, Vol. 2 - Yuen Wong Yu Digimon Tamers, Vol. 3 - Akiyoshi Hongo, Yuen Wong Yu Digimon Tamers, Vol. 4 - Yuen Wong Yu, Akiyoshi Hongo

Among the first four seasons of Digimon I would say that the third is the most forgettable of them all. I found not very entertaining and more complicated than it needed to be.


Let me first say that the setting is just odd and, for a lack of a better term, just unnecessary. Apparently, the world in the first two seasons was just a fake world, or a world that revolves in a game. While the world in this book is reality and Digimon are nothing but creatures in games.



Uh . . . what?


Why would you-



You know what? Never mind. Let’s just move on.


The characters are not really that interesting. Takato is your typical nice hero and that’s about it. There’s not much depth to him except for him being a fan of the Digimon games. He’s not really that interesting and his digimon partner isn’t really that memorable either. In fact, I found him quite annoying. He doesn’t listen, is VERY childlike and just gets into trouble.


Henry and Terriermon are just bland and forgettable. There’s not much to them except that Terriermon wants to fight but Henry does not.


Rika and Renamon are okay. Rika is a loner who sees Digimon as nothing but data and has no desire to bond with her digimon but just wants to make her stronger. She does change throughout the series and begins to care for others but they don’t give her a backstory or anything interesting about her. There isn’t really a reason why she is the way she is.


The only character I found more memorable is Impmon because he has an attitude and is given somewhat of a backstory. He was friends with two young children and then they forgot about him and so he has no purpose. He wants to digivolve and become stronger.


I would complain about the villains but I forgot about them and the only thing that stands out in Tamers is the fact that the human merge with their digimon in the mega form.


Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. It's just kind of dull and forgettable for me.