My first manga series part 2

Digimon Zero Two, Vol. 1 - Lianne Sentar, A. Hondo Digimon Zero Two, Vol. 2 - A. Hondo, Lianne Sentar, Yuen Wong Yu

This Digimon manga is not as good as the first one. The jokes are very out of place and unbelievably corny. The villain is bland and forgettable.  The characters are okay but are not given as much personality as the characters in the first Digimon manga.


Except for the characters that were already introduced in the first Digimon series, the characters here are completely forgettable. It's pretty obvious that the manga tried to do what the first Digimon series did with its characters. They tried to give them distinct personalities that would identify the characters. Like one would be smart, one would be the leader, one was sincere, and one would be a loner. You know, traits like that. The difference between this manga and the original series is that the original series took some time to develop the characters (albiet little time and not a lot of development) but you got to know them and could relate to them. The characters in this series are not that memorable. In fact, the only ones I remember is the villain-who-turned-into-a-hero character, Ken and Yolie because she's the only new girl.



The only way that Digimon Zero Two can have any justice to it is to watch the show. It, at least, attempts to give the characters some personality. But that's just a nitpick. It's just a bunch of action that wasn't really investing and surprisingly really fast. While the other one took at least five volumes to tell the story, this one uses two.


Isn't that . . . odd?


So yeah, this one is okay at best. The show is definitely better but it's okay.