My first manga series part 1

Digimon, Vol. 1 - Akiyoshi Hongo, Lianne Sentar Digimon, Vol. 2 - A. Hondo, Akiyoshi Hongo Digimon, Vol. 3 - Akiyoshi Hongo, Stephanie Sheh Digimon: 5 (Digimon (Tokyopop)) - Akiyoshi Hongo;Tokyopop

I'm not gonna lie, it's been years since I read this series. This Digimon series was pretty impressive when I was a kid. Besides InuYasha, this was the manga that got me started in manga in the first place.


Even though the books weren't nearly as good as the television series the story is pretty good and the characters were pretty enjoyable as well. (From the looks of this manga, I'm willing to bet that the manga came after the TV series) When I read this I noticed the comedy in this series was either really cheesy to the point where it didn't make any sense or it was just plain stupid. One example was when the 'Digidestined' (as they called them) find telephone booths on the beach and they made cheesy jokes (one of them said 'the phone ate my quarter and burped') that I not sure if they were intentionally stupid or the sense of humor is really bad.


Not to say that the jokes made this series terrible. There were very little jokes in this that it didn't distract from the story.


Now the plot is pretty basic. A couple of kids enter a strange world, meet their digimon partners, are destined to save the 'Digital World'.


It's pretty much an 'Alice in Wonderland' story except with a couple of kids and their digimon partners. The only thing that bothered me were the plot holes in the story. Like for example, the phone booths, or the other human items in the Digital world. I always kept wondering, "How did they get there?" or "What do they have to do with the story?" Which, for some reason, are never answered. I know I'm nitpicking but things like that bother me, especially if they are not relevant to the story. Anyways on to the characters!


The characters are your basic group of kids: (I'm sorry if I spell the names wrong)


 - You got your leader - Tai


 - You have the friend who is like the second-in-command but also the 'lone wolf' at the same time - Matt


 - You have the love interest of the leader, which is not actually stated but somewhat hinted (more in the anime than the manga, and more towards the fans who support the couple) - Sora


 - You have the computer genius who is probably the most intellectual in the group - Izzy


 - You have the solicitous nerd (solicitous is probably not the right word, worry wart is more like it) who is super afraid of everything that's going on around him but very reliable - Joe


 - You have the sincere one who is the emotional one (you know, the one who wines and cries a lot because she's out of her comfort zone) - Mimi


 - You also have the youngest and most curious of the group who is innocent, playful, curious, and a bit of a trouble maker at the same time while still being likeable - T.K.



Well what else can I say? They are just kids that are stuck in a world that is not familiar with them. They make mistakes, they get into trouble, they fight, they stick together and accomplish many things as a team and they each learn qualities (it's more like having a characteristic that makes them and their digimon unique and powerful) about themselves that make their digimon partner grow stronger.


Tai - courage


Matt - friendship


Izzy - knowledge


Sora - love


Joe - reliability


Mimi - sincerity


T.K. – hope


Kari – light



OK so I'm a geek remembering all that stuff but so what? I liked it when I was a kid and I still find it enjoyable. Not as enjoyable but it's still good.


Anyways, their digimon partners are pretty cool as well. The character designs are well done and very interesting when interacting with their human partner. The digimon are unique and were very interesting and likeable characters.


The villains were a lot of fun too, well the later ones were anyway. They were also pretty dark and nasty for a kid's book but either way they were also interesting to watch.


Yeah, this was a good series very enjoyable. Even if it is for kids.